I don’t really get into politics….

January 25, 2009

…until I do. It’s not something that I seek out because it can be so all-consuming, frightful and frustrating, blood-boiling and elusive, but when I happen to come across it in my travels it stops me long enough to listen. I do regularly sign petitions and I have stormed the streets in outspoken protest, I’ve held posters and banners high shouting with the masses… and yet I think myself neutral and detached from politics- why? I have a lot of ideas but deep down I feel like there is another way to protest, another way to ‘fight’. Finally I think I’ve realized that to stop the war inside of me is the largest contribution I could make. To stop the judgements and the bitterness and petty wars we make is to offer something so great and pure that it will infectiously spread. I came across this post which touched my heart. It’s so simple, so intelligent and so pure. We don’t need more complex systems to fix our broken complexes, we need something so simple that we’ve completely lost it….


How could Obama Permanently Strengthen Our Economic Wellbeing?


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