You and I

February 12, 2009

I have been walking around New York saying this to everyone I see on the street (in my head): “I am like you”. This practice is really shifting the dualistic way we approach the world and other people. I am finding more compassion for others because I can see myself in them. I am not just saying it either, I really mean it. I, like everyone, have a past and a future. My past combined with the potential that I carry inside is all encompassing. I am trying to see that- actually to feel it. It doesn’t take long before you notice your interactions with others shift just slightly.. I can see where this can take me and I am excited to continue. It is challenging, but what change isn’t? To see that stereotype walking towards you and look in their face in a way that you can see the same soul as yours, even a little ounce of it you have in common in your history or your potential or the way you are today…. It completely changes everything.

If you try it, try for a week or so and post what your experience was under comments.


One Response to “You and I”

  1. Dario said

    I want to try, starting from my own image at the mirror

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