Living Along A Circumference

March 3, 2009

We need to make some radical shifts in our mentality- things that make sense, that make us proud. There are so many of these little things out there that are coming at us from all directions: don’t do this, do that, do more of the other thing and on. while I find these things in and of themselves really useful reminders, often we’re forgetting the whole picture. And by forgetting the whole picture is how we got ourselves in this place to begin with. So instead of fighting about which plastic is better or worse, let’s just stop and remind ourselves to think about things three dimensionally, like a circumference. Everything we put out there is behind us but like a circle, we will always end up coming back to it again in the future. That is our Karma. At some point we will face our karma, but even if you don’t believe in a circle that large, at some point we will face our trash as we swim to shore. At some point that anger will come back at us in a thousand shards. If everything we say, do think and consume is mindful of the circle, we will make those shifts necessary in an effortless way. There’s no need to keep a list of do’s and dont’s – just one: Nothing goes away in a circle.


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