Finding The Golden Nugget of Truth

August 10, 2009

After having spent the last few weeks in self-observation in quest for my truths, I have come to settle on the insight that maybe all it takes is a genuine question and desire to know. Ask yourself, but really ask. No distractions. Single-pointed concentration and a deep deep desire to know what you’re about to ask. I thought I had been asking all this time with sincere effort, but not until last month did I surrender myself to the truth.

Part of what is needed is a clear question. This was pointed out to me by Sri Maya Titananda one day this spring. She helped me to see that most often than not, we don’t even know what we’re asking. Formulate the most direct and genuine question and thy shall receive an answer. When done successfully and with care, you become humble, open and even detached from the answer, the truth. It serves as guidance but does not bind you. The truth shall set you free.


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