letting go

October 26, 2009

“…it is actually we–the conscious, intentional, focal awareness we are constantly trying to maintain–who are responsible for the tension…” (Touching Enlightenment by Reginald Ray)

We are holding on at the deepest level- the muscular tension is something we do to ourselves – but why? Why can’t we let go so easily? In all areas of our lives: jobs, money, food, cigarettes, tv, friends, betrayals, schedules, even our own emotional states all the way down to the knot of tension in your shoulders. A massage is a massage but ultimately it is you who has to let go…. let go…. release and let it go….. First let go of the fear, then let it slip away, pass as all things must.


2 Responses to “letting go”

  1. Mom said

    Our muscles have a memory. Any trauma that we were subjected to in our lives, whether intentional or not, remains in our muscles as a memory. You were my third child and my muscles did all the work. They remembered how to bear a child. It was consciously effortless on my part. Muscle tension may be the result of a trauma that we do not recall in our conscious mind. Letting go requires the courage to walk through the fear and emerge on the other side.

  2. Michael said

    I work with your mom, she in NY and I in GA.

    “Giving up doesn’t always mean you are weak; sometimes it means that you are strong enough to let go.” ~Author Unknown

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