Dayananda Ashram

April 18, 2010

I am now residing in this hot haven. My room buts against the loudspeaker of my neighboring ashram. Chanting fills the air day and night. Lullaby. My favorite class is chanting class, and the swami too is my favorite so far. Mother Ganga flows at my footsteps and will sure lure me into her nourishing womb. I can’t wait.

Letting go, India is learning to let go. If a place understands the chakras and how they work, it is this place for sure. It is even travelling to this place where I find myself. Feet must be firmly planted on the ground. I must be flexible to flow and yet know my core, walk and act from my core strength. Open my heart. Have courage to speak my voice and the intuition sparkling clear to guide me in a place where no one will tell you the way but yourself. Lastly, I must be open to receiving spirit in all forms. Yes. These are all vital. Vitality. Nowhere have all of these become so important. Om Shanti


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