you are beautiful

April 25, 2010

I, like probably every westerner, came to India seeking something. What, I did not know. Maybe to know. Being open, really really open, I finally allowed a deep truth to emerge. I need nothing. I am beautiful. I am complete. I have all that I need.

For my whole life I have looked outside of myself to know the world, even to know myself. Objects of desire, food, knowledge, great great books of wisdom, men. All of these things I looked to. When I got here, I realized slowly day by day, look inside, and there you will find me. That is my path. You are already beautiful but you can not see that when you are looking outside.

What is so precious about this? No one told me. I found it inside.

Much love,



One Response to “you are beautiful”

  1. maria luisa said

    Cara Raven,
    ho letto i tuoi messaggi ed anche se non capisco verasmente bene l’inglese mi pare di comprendere che tu stia bene, che tu stia trovando risposte a tante domande. Ma per favore fammi sapere anche come passi la tua giornata, con chi stai e cosa fai: ho molto desiderio di sapere il tipo di vita che conduci e dove abiti,in che zona di città sei e qualcosa di più dell’ambiente che ti circonda
    un grande abbraccio Maria Luisa

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