falling into the moment

May 11, 2010

Living in the moment is akin to feeling like you are standing on the edge of a cliff with your back facing the void and letting go, falling back. The reality is actually different but you do not know this. Remember the game when someone would stand behind you ready to catch you as you fell backwards? It was so hard to trust they would not fail. This is the reality. There is a cliff. A void. This is life. Falling back is truly living and though you can not see it, there is someone holding you the whole way. Trust. Trust in this moment only; that everything that needs to happen will be revealed to you. Let go of your fears and hopes. Let go of the cord. Trust in this moment. This moment is perfect just the way it is. The next moment you will not fall. The moment after that you will not fall either. Forever in this way we can live.


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