Crystal Beings

May 17, 2010

They say the most powerful rock crystals are the clearest ones. That the base will be cloudy and as they grow, they become clear and pure. What is a crystal but a channel for energy? It has the capacity to accumulate and store vibrations and patterns of vibrations, just like our selves. If a crystal is clouded, how can it channel healing properties? If our minds and hearts are clouded, how can they channel love and wisdom? If our bodies are holding on in fear, how can the healing pass through us? We can purify ourselves, remove the blocks and cloudiness so that we can become potent healers of the earth and all beings. Something divine can channel through us. To varying degrees, it always is because we are never fully clouded, but our potential to grow out of this is there.

If you have a clear rock crystal at home, take it in your left hand and meditate on how the crystal reflects you and you reflect the crystal. What can your crystal teach you?

Mother Ganges


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