you are what you eat

May 18, 2010

Divine Cow

What thoughts you are consuming in your mind is what you are. Once we are able to understand and trust that our thoughts are the source of our manifestations we can begin to make a shift. Make a list of all of the qualities of a divine god or goddess. What are the noblest attributes you can think of? Write them down. You can make a poem out of it or a painting or something nice to look at, remember and read.  Make this something personal from our heart, from the people you have met in your lifetime that you respect the most. There is no right answer. What you come up with will be the best medicine for yourself.

Because each cell in our bodies hold memories like crystals, we must reprogram ourselves down to the cellular level. Each day, morning and evening, walking or driving, standing in line and whenever you can remember to do so, start telling yourself that you are all of the qualities you named. Have little talks with yourself where you pour this nourishing nectar into your psyche, even in difficult moments when you don’t have conviction behind it. Do this often and even make it up each day, whatever you want to tell yourself. Don’t be humble or shy, be strong and divine. If you are divine you are not in your ego and there will be no attachment to the self or others.

Remember who you are and who you have forgotten all this time.


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