May 21, 2010

As a yogi, it is important to purify yourself, like a crystal to become a clear pathway to channel the energy, love, divinity or whatever you like to call it. A crystal channels this energy using light and form to the degree in which it is clear and pure. Asana practice and mudra are all making forms with our bodies and consciousness  in order to channel and let the same energy flow through us, our nadis. Even if you are making these forms with your physical body but your mind is not clear like a crystal, it can not flow through you and vice versa. Thus it is vitally important to maintain clarity of mind, body and subtle bodies for a fulfilling practice.

To purify a crystal we bathe, bury in the earth, give moon and sun baths, and clear with incense. Many ceremonies in all religions use some of these on our own bodies in addition to others. You can find one or a combination for different periods in your life to use on yourself before your practice begins, and ideally at the start and end of your day. The more pure the source, the stronger its clearing capacity will be- think natural streams, clay baths, burying your feet in the ground, wildcrafted sage and open-air moon baths.


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