Designer to Yogini

May 22, 2010

I followed the path that society pushes on our young children to go to college and get an education- any education, and settle down in a job. Once in that chair, sitting at my desk day after day…  now what? This is a short summary of how being a designer in a luxury home furnishings company led me to the yogic path.

I was extremely fortunate to slip into an opportunity straight out of graduation that gave me total liberty and creative license. This regarded the design, manufacture,  marketing and sales of home furnishings for a sector in society that can spend any amount of money on something rare, beautiful and well crafted. The possibilities were almost endless.

With so much freedom, I allowed my mind to run free like a child in a candy store. With this much freedom however, the creation can not happen. Creation needs some boundaries in order to manifest- it needs elements and can not be boundless. Slowly, as I began researching the manufacturing processes as laws that would give boundaries and limitations, I started to dive deeper into the heart of our material world. First, the weavers of the cloth, then the cotton threads that would make my cloth, then the colors my threads were available in, what types of cotton from which countries and eventually which land and river. If I was to make a superior high-end product, I wanted to have total control and expert knowledge of what was making this product.

When I finally reached the land and rivers, I finally understood the circle of life and I, I as creator. I, the mother where everything is born from me and my mind. Water that is poured into the land, laborers under the hot sun, seeds that are stripped of their fertility and many many chemicals unleashed into the wind. My idea brings this forth into the world.


For months, I could not create, I could not buy anything new, I couldn’t even face what I already had. The material world surrounding me was screaming pain and suffering of the planet. How can I birth this and then get paid for such a criminal act? Thus began my search…

Many questions arose: Was there a way I could still give life to ideas without any destruction? Why do we even create these things? What do we really need in our lives? How have we reached this state of excess? Why are people buying so many things that we don’t need? Aha!

The driving force behind the machines that grind into the night and water pumps rapidly draining rivers is our need to consume. Our need to consume comes from a deep insecurity and unhappy lives. (Refer to the World Happiness Index for extensive data linking happiness with consumerism in every country in the world.)

I could no longer ignore this issue and simply feed unhappy people unfulfilling objects of desire that leave a wake of destruction in the earth. Thus my own healing path began, eventually sparking my deeply driven need to raise awareness and most importantly find solutions to bring about a total shift in the hearts and minds of the global community.

That is how becoming a designer led me to searching happiness and freedom in my own mind and heart irrespective of the outside world for world peace of all beings that share this planet.


4 Responses to “Designer to Yogini”

  1. Does it matter? said

    There’s no word as “Yogini” in Sanskrit, The word Yogi is independent of gender and applies to both male and female. Sometimes ignorant people use the word “Yogini” for female yogi but it has no root in traditional indian/vedic literature and sanskrit grammer.

    A yogi by definition is a person who has perfected yoga (communion with GOD) and NOT a person who is yet following yoga practices. A person person perfected in yoga is a GOD realized soul, one satisfied in his own self, one who has not a trace of doubt no unanswered questions in his mind, one who has perfectly controlled his senses and has transcended his mind, one who sees and feels god as an ordinary person feels the tangible world around him/her. A yogi for instance would feel exactly as “When I finally reached the land and rivers, I finally understood the circle of life and I, I as creator. I, the mother where everything is born from me and my mind” when he realizes his unity with GOD. But just ask yourself , Are there really no doubts/unanswered questions in your mind, Have you REALLY seen GOD within and without, If the answer is YES then only should you call yourself a yogi otherwise you are only fooling yourself in hypocrisy.

  2. raven said

    Dear ‘Does it matter?’-
    Thank you for taking the time to state your opinion. I will address two points. The first regards the word ‘Yogini’. No where do I claim it to be Sanskrit.
    Second, I think you are on the right track but have chosen to attempt to define a word and an experience that you have not actually realized or fully understood yourself.

  3. Does it matter? said

    You are absolutely right that I haven’t realized the thing myself and am yet struggling , but all that I am quoting is what I have assimilated from the scriptures and lives of great souls who reached the goal.

    I haven’t attempted to define any word myself, all I have mentioned is what I have read and understood. I admit I am just an ant and you might be an elephant but even I can look up and see the sun and the moon and guiding stars to know the right way to reach the goal.

    One thing that I have realized and understood fully is that GOD is beyond mind and reason and so debating about him and his ways if futile. If you have really realized him , accept my salutations at your feet.

  4. raven said

    Please see the followup in my latest post. I hope that it clarifies some confusion among us eager for illumination.

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