June 15, 2010

Where is your temple?

In a dark corner in your house? A little dresser top filled with found rocks and twigs from your travels? A cut-out niche in the wall decoratively painted with sacred symbols? A photo gallery of your ancestors? A tree in your backyard?

Your body. Your body is a temple for the god/goddess/spirit etc. The foods you offer it, perfuming, purifying, adorning and all of the ways in which you treat your body are important ways to connect with the divine, to ask the divine to enter your temple.

Take note for a moment to review how you care for your body and what you can do to treat your body as a sacred temple. In what form do your offerings come in?

Many cultures offer flowers, the ether element, to spirit. When I adorn my sacred space with flowers, there is something magical that happens and enlivens me and the vibrations in that space. Today, I bought perfumed flowers to adorn my hair. Worship in the house of the body.


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