June 20, 2010

Getting an adjustment from your yoga teacher is mostly a liberating and enjoyable experience, giving you more strength, stability or space in the posture. Sometimes, the teacher will take on some of your weight, give you balance or introduce added strength. Ask yourself in these moments, are you ‘leaning’ on your teachers adjustments or are you absorbing it and moving towards independence?

Standing on one foot, the teacher in adjusting you naturally holds your body so that you will not fall. In this delicate moment it is easy to let him/her take on your weight and to cease your own concentration and search for equilibrium. Take notice.

Take notice in your life. All of our relationships are like adjustments,  tweaking us. Someone strong and influential will enter into your life. Suddenly you feel like things are opening, shifting. It may be painful, it may be pleasant but ultimately you know it’s affecting you, adjusting something that is a little off. How do you accept it? Do you lean on it? Rely on it? Does the adjustment or the teacher become a crutch? How can you move towards independence in the midst of change?


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