samskrt: yogi

July 8, 2010

There has been much confusion around the word ‘yogi’. One of my teachers helped me clarify it by illustrating two types of yogi (s):
Yukta Yogi is one who has already attained the way, awakened and constantly experiencing that awakening.
Yunjana Yogi is someone on the path, struggling to attain the way with total focus and determination.


2 Responses to “samskrt: yogi”

  1. Does it matter? said

    Please don’t confuse yourself over such WORDly things, irrespective of what the word means and what you call yourself the reality will remain what it is because the truth is beyond words….it is what it is. As a great saint has said “you might repeat the word siddhi a hundered times but you won’t experience event a bit of it from this repeating , you need to practise the siddhi and having experienced it yourself you can call it anything you want”. Arjuna was given the instructions of “Gita” firsthand by lord himself but only a few days later he fainted at his son’s death. So, reading and listening are only for the purpose of knowing the right direction but a true determined soul gives no heed to intricacies of words and twisting around there meanings.

    I know it was me who started this all playing around the word but I only intended to share some of my ‘bookish’ knowledge with you where I felt you were incorrectly using a word. Now I feel being very lowly and cheap in doing that and I am sorry for that. The real sharing is of experience and not of mere bookish words….it doesn’t matter in what language or grammer a realized person speaks to you, his realization has the power to enter your heart and convey the real meaning.

    But since I started this, I want to convey a little more of my ‘bookish’ knowledge but please feel free to stop reading further if you don’t like to.

    The word ‘yoga’ and ‘yogi’ find there most detailed and wide references in Gita. Two of the most authentic commentaries written on Gita are by Shridhar Swami and Madhvacarya, and here’s how they describe a ‘Yogi’

    Sridhara Swami’s Commentary:

    Amongst all yogi’s or those perfected in the science of the individual consciousness attaining communion with the ultimate consciousness who are engaged in yama, niyama or self control etc. Lord Krishna is declaring that His devotee is superior to even the greatest yogi. One who is possessed of full faith in Him as the Supreme Lord of all, with their mind focused within and relishing meditation on Him is the greatest yogi of all. Therefore be Lord Krishna’s devotee is the purport.

    Madhvacarya’s Commentary

    the word yogi means one perfecting the science of the individual consciousness attaining communion with the ultimate consciousness. The word jnanibhyo means the worshipers of the Brahman or the spiritual substratum pervading all existence. The word tapasvibhyo means the performers of rituals and austerities. Superior even to these different types of yogis is one who has achieved atma tattva or realisation of the soul. The Garuda Purans states that: In comparison to all yogis and aspirants, meditation on Lord Krishna or His Vedically authorised incarnations is 100,000 times superior to meditation on others. In the Narada Purana it states: Meditation with knowledge of the Supreme Lord Krishna is infinitely superior to meditation without knowledge of the Supreme Lord Krishna. Better than even meditation with knowledge of the Supreme Lord Krishna is direct perception of the Supreme Lord Krishna. Better than even direct perception of the Supreme Lord Krishna is communion with devotion to the Supreme Lord Krishna.

    I again apologize for being such a fool to meddle around such WORDly things and causing confusion. But as my scriptures say everything happens for good for God alone is the does and we mere instruments, so there must be some purpose even in this foolish deed of me, maybe a lesson not to repeat it again, maybe a lesson to me to get rid of such petty things and direct my whole mind to him….

  2. raven said

    I admire your ability to have perspective and agree with you. Words are tools which offer us a delicate balance between expanding and limiting our consciousness. I honor where you are in your path and thank you for this opportunity to awaken.

    Still, I can’t help but wonder who you are fellow traveler…

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