Requiem For Mother Earth

November 4, 2010

Letting go of the Earth
There it lay at the base of mother tree-
The conch shells I collected in Florida with Dad and Abuelita
Angel-wing shells thin like eggs I’ve been protecting
The Goliath pine cones I couldn’t resist
The Ayurvedic herbs I dabbled in for a cure
The Red stones I felt connected to on my cross-country drive with mom at age 15
Black sand from my first solitary adventure: Costa Rica when I was 16
The lavender I harvested from mom’s garden last summer
Soapnuts I tried in a Manhattan laundromat
The river rock burnt sienna on a hike in the Catskills
The henna powder I used to paint love on my body when I needed a reminder
Umbrian clay I treasured like gold in my dreary brooklyn dormitory
Driftwood teetering on unique and too gruesome to keep
The cypress and rosemary I hand-picked in Tuscany I wrapped up delicately for a purifying smudge
A sand pile spilled out with myriad glass, stone and mineral treasures I’d had in a bowl since I was 16
The piece of clay pot I found in ancient Pompeii
The moss growing under the tree where I first touched my soul.

Thank you Mother Earth.

I carried these treasures with me everywhere I went in the desperate hope not to loose the Mother Earth I love in all her diverse forms. Now they are with her. Now I know, I never will.


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