Part of the whole

May 15, 2011

There are beautiful things in this world, certainly, but never isolated- also part of a larger web that is also dirty and cruel.
If for a moment that slice of beauty and perfection blinds us to the rest, we remain awestruck. It takes a tremendous amount of honesty with ourselves to admit the entire truth, context containing all the rest. Within that whole ‘dirty’ context, doesn’t the beauty seem all the more precious?

Venezia (Venice): it once was a beautiful and thriving city. Now, visiting the memory of it’s glory reveals one of the most magical man-made creations I’ve ever experienced. Within it’s current context, that it is but a memory must not be ignored; highlighting the death and degradation of all things in this universe that are not Eternal.

Everything always contains both, the bello e bruto, beautiful and hideous. Only, which one is visible to you now?

Can you live a life where neither ‘exist’ in your mind?


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