On Suffering

June 2, 2011

Be happy is probably the hardest simplest thing- of which I’m trying to follow my own advice here. I came to the conclusion that I need to stop being afraid of suffering and need to just surrender to whatever comes my way- that my resistance to “suffering”/pain/heartache IS the actual suffering itself. When I was sad I could only think of how happy I used to be or would like to be and that was an endless spiral into depression. Wanting to be happy is my primary obstacle to beong happy! Just like a friend told me today that the principle issue for singers is for them to want to sound like something, to sound “good” which prevents them from being raw which is where beauty truly lies.
This doesn’t mean we should wallow in our own self badgering either. Each time we feel we are suffering there is a message within that waiting for us to unlock it and be freed. Too often in the present age we feel something and run away from it through distractions, pain killers and masks. I am simply putting forth that we will continue to suffer until the message or lesson has been revealed so why not take a pause from within the discord to look, listen and feel with all of our senses and all of our heart.


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