If someone cheats you…

November 5, 2011

Beautiful, as only Ma can be:

“Question: If you have business dealings with someone and he cheats you by not giving you your money’s worth, should you go to court or keep quiet over it? {one can apply the following answer to a myriad of ‘cheatings’ we encounter in our lives}

Ma: Some may feel, if I don’t give this person a lesson, he will do more cheating and so they go to court.

But there is another way of looking at it.

Who is it that has cheated me? In all forms it is only He {God}. What was taken from me was evidently not meant for me to keep, so He has taken it.

Then there is a third way:

Once a thief came to a sadhu and stole whatever he could. He was just running away with the load on his head when the sadhu discovered him. He quickly ran after the thief and shouted: ‘Wouldn’t you like a few more things? Take this also and this!’ The thief was so moved that he gave up stealing and became a sadhu himself.

Then there is yet a fourth way:

‘Is it my business to punish the evil doer?’ Once a bhakta of Krishna was walking intoxicated with the love for his adored one and, without noticing, trod on newly washed clothes. On seeing this the dhobi [washerman], who had just spread the clothes out on the ground to dry, got furious and said ‘Have you no eyes?’ and he took hold of a stick and was about to beat the devotee. At that very moment, Lord Krishna was having his meal with his beautiful wife, Rukmini. Suddenly he jumped up without further explanation and ran off, but returned after a short while.  Rukmini asked him where he had been. He replied: ‘My bhakta was being attacked by a dhobi, so I went to save him, but as soon as I got there I saw that he had already picked up a stone and was ready to throw it at the dhobi . So since he could take care of himself, there was no need for me to intervene, and I at once returned.’

There is still another way to consider this matter:

Once a sadhu was being abused badly by someone. He thought: ‘What a terrible punishment will be his for this grave offense.’ So he gave him a light slap to avert a more severe punishment.

Whichever of these ways seems most correct to you, according to that you should act.

Question: If one takes the first mentioned view, that the evil doer must be taught a lesson, does one not thereby injure oneself, especially when a sadhaka {spiritual aspirant}?

Ma: Yes, for by acting thus, one’s ego will be enhanced.”

-Teachings from Shree Anandamayee Ma found in the book “Death Must Die”


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