July 20, 2010

What at this moment would create balance in your life, in the lives around you, in the world?

you are what you eat

May 18, 2010

Divine Cow

What thoughts you are consuming in your mind is what you are. Once we are able to understand and trust that our thoughts are the source of our manifestations we can begin to make a shift. Make a list of all of the qualities of a divine god or goddess. What are the noblest attributes you can think of? Write them down. You can make a poem out of it or a painting or something nice to look at, remember and read.  Make this something personal from our heart, from the people you have met in your lifetime that you respect the most. There is no right answer. What you come up with will be the best medicine for yourself.

Because each cell in our bodies hold memories like crystals, we must reprogram ourselves down to the cellular level. Each day, morning and evening, walking or driving, standing in line and whenever you can remember to do so, start telling yourself that you are all of the qualities you named. Have little talks with yourself where you pour this nourishing nectar into your psyche, even in difficult moments when you don’t have conviction behind it. Do this often and even make it up each day, whatever you want to tell yourself. Don’t be humble or shy, be strong and divine. If you are divine you are not in your ego and there will be no attachment to the self or others.

Remember who you are and who you have forgotten all this time.


May 15, 2010

I invite you to join me in India. I will be a guide for your personal journey towards harmonic resonance.

Please click on the page at the top titled ‘Retreats in India’ for more details.


Vi invito ad venire in India con me! Questo e’ un’opportunit√° entrare nella pratica piu profondo assieme avere una guida per aprire la cultura per te e i tuoi vicini.¬† Se cerchi una vita armonica, vi aiuto seguire verso li in questo ambiente molto potente. Questa offerta viene della mia pratica molto personale ed intimo. Posso offrirlo prima dell’ setembre per un gruppo e anche per individuale. Ti prego contattarme per informazioni se hai interessa. Grazie!

Wide Open

February 6, 2009

The world is so wide open and I can do anything, be anyone and go anywhere if I put my heart to it. The problem has often been…what exactly do I want to do?…would I be skilled at and enjoy?… Meet several criteria, ethics and morals I hold?…be compatible with Dario’s future? So we’ve schemed a lot in the last few years and here’s a few ideas we’ve come up with….

Argentinian Winery- We would move to Argentina, start a little winery and take up Spanish!…. minor details excluded are: visas, zero experience with wine making, zero property or money to buy in south america and little desire to deal with marketing the eventual wine…..

Bohemian ‘Cafe Lulu’ in Venice with free Wireless- We would have comfortable eclectic antique sofas and glassware, velvet seats, pillows amok, tea and coffee with possible exceptions to wine. Locally made pastries would be served and most of all, free internet would be available- the only one in Venice! Minor details: neither of us actually wants to work at a cafe from morning to evening….

Move to India, living full spiritual lives- We’ll live simply, buy a tiny house and land and make enough money only to live in the community devoting ourselves to spiritual pursuits. Minor details: we’d never have enough money to come home and visit family, and we’ve never actually been further east than prague….

And then there’s the more practical dreams… well maybe not practical, but the ones I’ve started to set my heart on and seem to have little to no drawbacks according to my value system. After researching and stewing things over in my head for the last month, lastnight I finally decided I’d better get serious about it and put things down on paper. Here’s the idea:

Start a retreat center and community farm!

Programs Include:
Yoga & Meditation Classes
Community Garden Plots & Farm
Weaving & Knitting
Grinding Spices & Making Masalas
Canning & Preserving
Environmental Education
Creative Writing

Marketing & Community Outreach:
Space available for other groups and organizations
Partner with schools, hospitals, nursing homes, boys & girls groups
Sponsor cultural events such as:
Concerts, Poetry Readings, Family Activities, Local Food Tastings & Dining,
Outdoor dinners & picnics

Bartering is welcome
Payment by suggested donation
Price always includes a percentage for scholarship fare for others
We will not support credit cards

I have also considered the space and equipment necessary to provide this, and beaurocracy which I won’t get into here.
What’s great about this plan is that I can see the big picture. It won’t all happen at once. It will have to grow from some starting point but most of it I already have experience in!

Minor details include: where should we do it? and lack of resources for funding the land and the housing with which to make it all happen….

Dreams Only Come True…

January 27, 2009

…If you know how to dream! Dario (My Husband) and I are trying to dream up something big- or rather find the big dreams buried deep within ourselves. I am a big dreamer, I’ve always been told that I can do whatever I choose to do, that I can make my dreams come true. I have never been limited in my imagination, but the consequence of being so wide open is that I panic I might not pick the right dream. Some people such as my husband are much different in their approach- they don’t dare dream big because it’s so unlikely that it will ever happen, so they limit themselves to the practical and rational ideas. Whatever kind of dreamer you are, I have come up with a few tools that might help anyone wanting to find that perfect dream nested within themselves.

Quest 1.

Instead of stressing out about the details, ignore them at first. Look at the big picture that we often bypass. It’s like a drawing. You would never start sketching out someones nose hairs before attempting to capture the general shape of the face. So start looking at the lifestyle you want to live, the qualities of life you want to have, the feelings you want to feel each day etc. It looks like this for me: I want to live in harmony with nature, meaning my lifestyle would follow the seasons and the sun and the moon. I want my home to be a center of cultural activity where talented artists and musicians and philosophers come to my home where it acts as a center possibly for the community, at the very least an educational experience for our future kids. I will need phases of activity and rest because I like a balance of both. Can you see where I am going with this? Starting to get the feeling of my dream life.

Slowly by doing this the blurry picture starts to get crisper and the details start to fill in. How would I live in harmony with nature working 9-5 in Manhattan? What happens now is you will immediately know if an opportunity that comes by is in alignment with your bigger picture or not. You also figure out what is most important in your life (usually quality not quantity) and you are able to be more open to different options. You may find you can see several situations that would all fit your dream- The qualities I described could be a description of a farmer, a sailor, a volunteer in Africa etc. From here, you can start to take it where you want to to find the details, always double-checking and researching if it matches the bigger picture.

Quest 2.

Dare to dream without your editor. Make a conscious decision to stop being so serious about the whole thing and go to the extreme. This is like a warm-up exercises, not the actual race. What is the craziest dream you ever had that you knew would never happen for a variety of reasons? I asked Dario this and his answer was: A Rock Star. So laugh at yourself, make fun and have fun. Now you’ve got to plan it out to the minutest detail you can think of- go an a fantasy journey. It starts like this: So you want to be a rock star, well… first you need to figure out what instrument you’ll play: ‘Guitar’. Great! Which one? ‘Fender..’ Ok- are you playing solo or in a band? You’ll have to find your band mates, any ideas on them? Now what kind of music? Are you doing concerts or just records? ‘Conerts’ Well, you probably won’t be big to start off, so you’ll have to start off in some smaller gigs- which ones would you go for at first? blah blah blah. Let yourself let go completely for 24 hours or a week or however long you need to play with it, daydream with it. Now here’s the trick. You do this with other dreams, slowly working your way down to reality but keeping the same no-stress fun attitude about it because after all, it’s not going to happen anyway, will it? Until finally you pick a crazy thought: Start a winery in Argentina for example. And all of a sudden your mind is working in the details and it’s not that hard after all…it’s not so far off actually…. actually this could really happen!

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