First rinse your dishes and apply any one of the following:

1. Ash from your fireplace
2. Dry smooth dirt mostly free of stones
3. Soapnut powder

Use your hands or a natural scrubbing device like a loofah sponge, dry coconut husk or coarse jute rope wrapped up.

Rinse & enjoy clean dishes

Goddess Nectar

May 30, 2010

This is my goddess drink recipe, keeping you refreshed and ethereal no matter what desert winds blow your way this summer:

2 cups water

3 spoons Gulab Sharbat (Rose Extract Syrup) look in middle eastern or Indian shops

Squeezed juice of half a lemon or lime

Juice squeezed from1/2 inch grated fresh ginger

Stir and adjust according to your tastes. Nectar can be served to all gods and goddesses alike!

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