and, no I did not fall off the gravitational force of the planet. I am still living here on the Indian subcontinent.

I haven’t had many thoughts- well, inspirational thoughts- to share. That’s it. Sometimes the choices we make, the things we truly desire and then come true, turn out to be a little different then we had imagined. So that’s where I have been, under the microscope. Peering into the DNA of what I am all about.

Other than philosophical, spiritual and political musings I have taken to textile arts. I am learning and working in the ‘material’ world. I’ve been wondering what this blog is all about and where to take it from here. Until I have that answer, please browse and enjoy. If you have any thoughts or suggestions about this blog, let me know what you like or would like to see.

Peace be with you.

June 11, 2011

Maa Cascades at Gangotri

November 15, 2010

A simple life. What does it take for us to live a simple life these days? One dress, maybe two. Food. Shelter. When we die, what will we need? Nothing. So why all this accumulation? Why all this ‘sprecco di risorse’ -waste of resources? Are we any happier truly? How would you even know, have you even tried?

Mother-Daughter Pilgrimage

November 4, 2010


Kedarnath in the Himalayas. Memorable mom. By the grace of god…. Kedarnath Route

Requiem For Mother Earth

November 4, 2010

Letting go of the Earth
There it lay at the base of mother tree-
The conch shells I collected in Florida with Dad and Abuelita
Angel-wing shells thin like eggs I’ve been protecting
The Goliath pine cones I couldn’t resist
The Ayurvedic herbs I dabbled in for a cure
The Red stones I felt connected to on my cross-country drive with mom at age 15
Black sand from my first solitary adventure: Costa Rica when I was 16
The lavender I harvested from mom’s garden last summer
Soapnuts I tried in a Manhattan laundromat
The river rock burnt sienna on a hike in the Catskills
The henna powder I used to paint love on my body when I needed a reminder
Umbrian clay I treasured like gold in my dreary brooklyn dormitory
Driftwood teetering on unique and too gruesome to keep
The cypress and rosemary I hand-picked in Tuscany I wrapped up delicately for a purifying smudge
A sand pile spilled out with myriad glass, stone and mineral treasures I’d had in a bowl since I was 16
The piece of clay pot I found in ancient Pompeii
The moss growing under the tree where I first touched my soul.

Thank you Mother Earth.

I carried these treasures with me everywhere I went in the desperate hope not to loose the Mother Earth I love in all her diverse forms. Now they are with her. Now I know, I never will.

Cara Mia

September 23, 2010

sono sempre qui… ho fatto un estensione perche la mia mamma abbia decisa venire qui per celebrare la sua 50 anni in India con me! Che felicita’!

Ho delle notizie…. Non posso tornare vivere in Italia in questo momento della mia vita, non e la mia strada. Vi ammo sinceramente ma sto camminando una strada che mi porta in India per un periodo piu lungo. Mi fa molto piacere visitare e rivedervi.. spero che poi capire cara mia. Tu sei stata una luce brilliante per me di continuare svillupare mi stessa e condividere tutto che posso con l’universo intero. Questa vita mia e’ profondamente bello e prezioso, spero di usarlo per il massimo fortuna per l’armonia di tutti quanti dapertutto. Anche se non sono a Venezia, spero che tu senti e recivi tutti gli fortuni che posso offrirti, gli fortuni di cuore, mente ed anima.

Arrivo a venezia il 20 di Ottobre. (Cercho un posto letto per 10 giorni)

Con tutto il mio cuore,

samskrt: yogi

July 8, 2010

There has been much confusion around the word ‘yogi’. One of my teachers helped me clarify it by illustrating two types of yogi (s):
Yukta Yogi is one who has already attained the way, awakened and constantly experiencing that awakening.
Yunjana Yogi is someone on the path, struggling to attain the way with total focus and determination.

where consciousness ends

June 29, 2010

Get up from your meditation, your prayer at the temple,  your vedic chanting, your prostrations at the Guru’s feet. Slide on your shoes, grab your bag and go home. Slip off one shoe, slip off another. Toss your bag into the chair in the corner.

Your inert shoes, dirty, mere functional objects don’t deserve a fraction of the attention you would place in offering a garland of jasmine at your Guru’s feet. Or do they?

Where does consciousness end and ignorance begin?

May 19, 2010


Let Love Empower You

May 14, 2010

Love freely without attachment. Let the expression of your love flow through you like water. Let this empower you, not make you weak or dependent.

May strength and joy fill your heart.

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