History Lessons

February 3, 2009

One of the greatest things we can do is heed history’s advice. It’s amazing to me when I read Aldous Huxley, 1984 and watch movies like Soylent Green that besides being extraordinary stories, they are hard to believe predictions with deep roots in our current society. Who wouldn’t act to change if they knew that’s what our destinies will be? The problem is that we are very adaptable beings and we don’t take too much notice when we’re changing at a slow pace which is what is happening- ‘evolution’.  We only believe that we are a progressive society but these authors suggest otherwise (‘progress’ being a very subjective concept).

So many changes have occurred since 1935 and yet:

…at the end of each year in the city that [I have] only 12 slips of paper to show for his chief expenditure-rent; that [I] and [my] family are “cliff dwellers” who probably do not know or want to know others housed under the same roof; that [my] children ‘have no place to go but out and no place to come but in’; in short, that [I] and [we] are ekeing out a narrowing, uneducative, imitative, more or less selfish and purposeless existence; and that [my] and [our] ‘expectation of life’ is shortened by tainted air, restricted sunshine and lack of exercise, to say nothing of exposure to disease!

As written in 1935! People have felt that way for all these years and yet our cities grow larger and larger each year. This to me is an attestment that few people have the foresight necessary to evolve and make healthy progress- fundamental to the happiness of not only eachother and our families, but to the planet and all of life. It is truly hard to read all of the history books and learn all of the lessons we need to learn, so what can we do? I once was a city-going enthusiast feeding off of the excess and mythical fantasies this place provided me. The way I started to learn history was by tapping into my innner reflection pool of wisdom. We can know all of the great wisdoms of the world by turning inward. Take the time today to make room for silence- silence is where we can hear it speak.

*No offence Howard Zinn– I truly respect your work.

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