Investing in You and Me

March 9, 2009

Imagine you save these little pieces of paper, save and save and save and then poof- one day all you have are little pieces of paper that no one wants. That is a scary thought for most of us, but that is what we are doing- saving little pieces of paper relying on their never-changing meaning in our culture. If I put a few of my little papers into a baking class- I am transferring my money into a new skill that can not be taken away from me so easily and that can save me more pieces of paper on the bread I buy each day, not to mention offer me expanding job opportunities. If I have lots and lots of papers, I can maybe buy a farm and let someone farm it for food security for our community and myself. Wouldn’t that be more useful than a closet full of paper? We don’t need to be greedy, we need to survive and be happy. Dario and I just joined a Zendo right at a time when we need to be saving. Our reason: it is both a training in meditation and life but also maintenance for our well being during this difficult time.

Let us start investing and spending on our future: that which is concrete and will better ourselves, our communities and our planet.

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