Slum Wisdom

February 9, 2009

The world is trying to put itself back together after this terrible freight. We’re searching for the answer to solve our problems to fix our broken system and breaking planet. Instead of fighting about which religion is right or which community is better, I think we should embrace diversity for that is where our real strength herein lies. Learning how to take examples from what we feel is right but without being dogmatic about it I feel is key. We need balance and the way to start achieving that I feel is by embracing our inherent diversity.

“I strongly believe that the west has much to learn from societies and places which, while sometimes poorer in material terms are infinitely richer in the ways in which they live and organize themselves as communities,” Prince Charles said. “It may be the case that in a few years’ time such communities will be perceived as best equipped to face the challenges that confront us because they have a built-in resilience and genuinely durable ways of living.”

Full Article on Treehugger via The Guardian

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