In Debt

February 19, 2009

We are so used to borrowing and paying back. Visa, Mastercard, American Express. What we buy ‘cheap’ today we don’t realize is often just borrowing from others who will have to pay the true cost. Apparently cheap beef for example is borrowed from the soil, public health, and the communities downstream. When are we exactly planning on paying back this debt? Are any of us capable of paying back even our own credit cards, loans, etc? Many people in today’s economy are more concerned about these smaller debts and are choosing cheaper items today not realizing the insurmountable debts they accrue with these choices- only no one is going to hold them responsible to pay it back personally or throw them in Jail. It is so important that we try to minimize debt for all beings and the planet while reducing our own debts. The cheaper yogurt today with rBGH growth hormones is borrowing your health from the future and will need to be paid back sooner or later. We do live in an unjust system that does not reward integrity so we will pay more money for unadulterated yogurt, and yet I know that there is no hidden cost to my health for it, and in fact there is a ‘savings’ which will help my health. I urge you to consider the full picture of your actions in this time of limited resources, and to look at things beyond the dollar signs.

See the follow-up post for an example

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