February 26, 2009

Yesterday my practice went like this:

6am: Wake Up

6:30-7:15: Yoga

7:15-7:45: Meditation

7:45-8:30: Breakfast and Getting ready

8:30-9:00: Walk to work reciting Loving Kindness Mantra

9:00-2:00: Work and get stressed out

2:00-2:30: Meditation and Abhaya Mudra (dispel fears and grant boons)

2:30-5:00: Work and Stress Out

5:00-6:00: Walk home chanting Loving Kindness Mantra again

At 6:00 I walked through the door to the apartment and told Dario what a stressful and emotional time I had at work. He reminded me that sometimes we practice for maintenance rather than enlightenment (especially here in NYC). He said “Could you imagine what you might be feeling had you not done all that practice today?” Indeed, I know what kind of miserable condition I would be left in at the end of my day and I realized, I actually felt very good standing there talking to him. In fact, I laughed all night long with real enjoyment for the rest of my evening. And for that, every moment of my practice is worth it.

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