In a Serene Dream

March 4, 2009

I had a dream the other night. I was in a hotel that reached out of the land into the ocean. The hotel was very very tall and I was taking the elevator to the top floor- an exclusive private area of the hotel. The elevator doors opened and in front of me is a pool of water with only a couple feet outstretched towards me. There is a glass wall hovering over the water close to me and the pool extends beyond that several feet. To get to the other side of the glass, I must swim underneath. Beyond the end of the pool is the edge of the building and beyond that is a vast ocean, deep deep blue with little peaks. This morning I realized that the elevator is the journey I took with my current job as designer and the pool starts in the present moment and goes into the future with the glass wall representing the passage and transformation I must make. The vast wide ocean is the profound potential offered to me once I pass through this glass gate. The ocean is a big place, it offered me deep calm in my dream but water is a powerful force with capacities to both destroy and nurture. I am coming to her, her cool sensual waters. Quite appropriately, I am also moving back to Venice, Italy.

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