Your life’s purpose

January 27, 2011

Have you ever asked yourself what is your life’s purpose? Our culture doesn’t promote such big thinking, such contemplative and very important thinking but we as individuals should. How will you move through your life? One fumble after another, meandering your way towards some materialistic goal or pleasure fulfilling satisfaction? It makes life dull, sometimes high and often feeling senseless and even lonely.
Our first step out of such a mess, no matter where our life has taken us is to simply acknowledge that we want to ask this question, we need to for our own sake. After we ask such a question we won’t have the capacity to hear the answer. This is the second obstacle in our way. I asked many questions in my past over and over, for years and years even, without any hint of response. This can make you feel even more lost and lonely in the universe. What is required? Make space for the answer. If you want to type in a new sentence, we must make space on the page, add another note, silence in the song. Take this as literally as you need to. Dedicate time in your day or week as silence hour where all you will do is listen. Listen to the questions you are asking. Listen to anything, even answers to questions you didn’t know you had. Just to listen even when nothing comes to that sweet silence that holds the music of your life.
Listening can only happen when you yourself stop talking. In your head, stop talking. Practice it by letting others talk more than you yourself talk. Practice it by crossing the street, washing the dishes, and driving without animating anything in your head, letting the environment around you ‘talk’. Like opening the door for someone else, only one person at a time can pass through so practice opening the door for everything around you. How courteous you can be!

The answer to all your questions is this:
1. Ask with heart
2. Listen with heart

you are what you eat

May 18, 2010

Divine Cow

What thoughts you are consuming in your mind is what you are. Once we are able to understand and trust that our thoughts are the source of our manifestations we can begin to make a shift. Make a list of all of the qualities of a divine god or goddess. What are the noblest attributes you can think of? Write them down. You can make a poem out of it or a painting or something nice to look at, remember and read.  Make this something personal from our heart, from the people you have met in your lifetime that you respect the most. There is no right answer. What you come up with will be the best medicine for yourself.

Because each cell in our bodies hold memories like crystals, we must reprogram ourselves down to the cellular level. Each day, morning and evening, walking or driving, standing in line and whenever you can remember to do so, start telling yourself that you are all of the qualities you named. Have little talks with yourself where you pour this nourishing nectar into your psyche, even in difficult moments when you don’t have conviction behind it. Do this often and even make it up each day, whatever you want to tell yourself. Don’t be humble or shy, be strong and divine. If you are divine you are not in your ego and there will be no attachment to the self or others.

Remember who you are and who you have forgotten all this time.

In a Serene Dream

March 4, 2009

I had a dream the other night. I was in a hotel that reached out of the land into the ocean. The hotel was very very tall and I was taking the elevator to the top floor- an exclusive private area of the hotel. The elevator doors opened and in front of me is a pool of water with only a couple feet outstretched towards me. There is a glass wall hovering over the water close to me and the pool extends beyond that several feet. To get to the other side of the glass, I must swim underneath. Beyond the end of the pool is the edge of the building and beyond that is a vast ocean, deep deep blue with little peaks. This morning I realized that the elevator is the journey I took with my current job as designer and the pool starts in the present moment and goes into the future with the glass wall representing the passage and transformation I must make. The vast wide ocean is the profound potential offered to me once I pass through this glass gate. The ocean is a big place, it offered me deep calm in my dream but water is a powerful force with capacities to both destroy and nurture. I am coming to her, her cool sensual waters. Quite appropriately, I am also moving back to Venice, Italy.

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